Can your skin stop reacting to acne skincare?

We debunk a common myth that your skin will “get too used to” skincare.

Are you worried your acne regimen has stopped working? Do you feel like your skin is just “too used to” your acne treatment products?

Here’s the truth behind skincare.

Even when it seems that a skincare product has stopped working, it’s just not true. Products don’t stop working. However, there are other facts that may influence changes in your skin’s appearance.  In fact, there are several factors that can make it seem like your skincare routine needs a boost.


How does lifestyle come into the equation?

Lifestyle means sleep, diet, hydration, weather, stress, and of course, hygiene. For instance, if you’ve just taken a long walk in the heat but neglect washing that sweat off afterwards, it could be clogging your pores. The tricky part is that the effect of lifestyle factors often has a delayed effect (by even weeks or months). This makes it very difficult to identify an isolated culprit for that new pimple on your chin this morning.


If my skin isn’t reacting to my acne medicine the same way it did last month, is it still working?

When using a new product, especially ones containing strong acne-targeted ingredients, your skin goes through an initial transition period. For example, retinoids, which are compounds derived from vitamin A, are used to treat acne. The retinoids encourage faster cell growth, which helps unclog pores. During the first three months while skin cell turnover speeds up, many people see unusual dryness or additional breakouts (known as “purging”). When these symptoms fade, this doesn’t mean it stopped working, it likely means your body has adapted to the treatment.

The bottom line: Skincare products don’t just stop working.

There are many other influences that play a role in your skin’s health. Keep up your routine and start paying attention to other factors that influence acne and fluctuations. In case you need additional assistance in identifying factors, reach out to your dermatologist.

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